Bob Marley Nail Decail (20 decals) Colorful


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En esta compra reciviras 60 disennos de nails de tu artista favorito. Vendran 20 decals de cada foto promocionada. Tendras suficiente para impresionar a tus amistades con los espectaculares disennos que crearas. Se una artista diferente y diviertete trabajando. Si tienes algo en mente para tus disennos haznolo saber y escribenos en o en facebook bajo nailextravaganzasupplies.

Nail Art Water Transfers Instructions

So easy to use ……….. Already sized for each finger…………..

1 Paint your nails with a colour or a clear varnish

2 Cut out the transfer and place in water for 30 seconds

3 Slide the transfer off the paper and onto the nail

4 Dab off excess water with a tissue and leave to dry for 10 min’s

5 Apply a top coat to seal the transfer

Great Fun, easy to use, affordable impress your friends with the latest styles..


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